Investing in Niseko

NRG Developments

Our speciality is in building communities that enhance the value of the property. We have staff and facilities on site to enhance the guest experience. Experience has shown that people are willing to pay more to invest or visit a community that provides personalized services, activities, and a chance to meet other travelers than standalone houses in Niseko.


The Design

Our buildings take a modern design with classic and natural finishes.  Homes will feature extensive use of timber, stone and glass, and will be positioned with regard to view channels and privacy. Externally,  homes will use selected colors from The NRG master color palette however no two houses will be identical. This level of certainty concerning the surrounding houses provides comfort to each buyer as well as enhancing and protecting the value of their investment. Internally designs feature soaring ceilings (up to 6.5m above floor level on the upper level) and exposed beams on both levels, large sunken Japanese-style baths, open plan living, kitchen and dining areas as well as traditional Japanese entry and hallways.

External Finishes

Timber: Quality timber finishes will provide an unrivalled natural look to the outside of these house designs. The cedar panelling used on the external walls provides the perfect blend of modern and classic finishing.

Stone: Extensive stonework on the ground floor exterior walls continues the blend of modern and traditional external finishes to the houses creating a timeless, stylish feature.

Glass: Glass is essential in delivering the sense of space that characterizes these designs and also provides the natural light which will makes our houses inviting and stimulating.

Internal Finishes

Floors & Stairs: You will be able to select from an extensive range of quality flooring finishes that includes premium oak floors and other timber finishes as well as carpets. The (Genkan) entry, bathrooms, laundry and drying room floors will be tiled. All of the houses will be double storey and will have wide stairways with relatively easy riser heights and broad treads.

Cabinetry, Appliances & Other: You will be able to select from a range of electrical appliances to complete your kitchen, laundry and also for your heating and fireplace preferences. Cabinetry is required for kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, built in wardrobes, and also generally for living and dining and bedroom areas. You will be able to select from a range of cabinetry and bench tops that meets your budget and matches your needs, style and preference.

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