Sales Process Timeline

Site Selection

The first step in the sales process is to choose your site that you would like to build on.  We recommend that you perform a site visit prior to making this decision.

Place a Deposit

For a buyer to complete The Orchards  Niseko reservation process they must provide a non-refundable deposit of JPY100,000  or a foreign currency equivalent in return for a 30 day reservation on a plot of land. During the 30 day period, the buyer and  the vendor shall negotiate a sale and purchase agreement.

Completing the Sales and Purchase Agreement

During this process the design, floor plans and major features of your home are agreed upon.  These major design features are stated in the sales and purchase agreement and signed by the buyer and vendor.  On signing of this agreement the first payment of 35% of the chalet and land are due.

Breaking Ground

Once ground is broken and construction has officially begun the buyer must provide the 2nd payment of 30% of the chalet and land price.


The construction process is typically 6 months depending on the complexity of the house

Furniture and Installation

3 months prior to completion date it is important that all furniture is ordered.  This will allow time for delivery and installation  prior to your first nigh stay.

Construction completed

Once construction has been completed the final payment of %35 of the chalet and land price will take place.


To ensure a quick and smooth handover of keys all legal fees, land & building title registration and surveyor fees must be settled as soon as possible once construction has been completed.

New Home Owner

Once all fees and payments are settled the land and house title will be transferred to the new owner and the keys are exchanged.

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